Reasons why GES LED Lighting is a good investment today!

If you’re trying to cut cost with business expense, or figuring out how to lower your electric bill at home, switching to GES brand 4th generation LED lights, lamps and bulbs is your solution. Not only can these eco-friendly LED lights help cut down your electricity consumption to up to 70%, they also have a longer lifetime, emit less heat and produce quality high lighting more robust than other forms of lighting.

GES LED light is available in the Philippines - in major hardware stores in Manila, and all over the country - SM Ace Hardware, Robinsons Handyman, MC Home Depot,Wilcon Depot, True Value, Landmark, among others.

Read detailed explanation of the benefits of our GES brand 4th Generation LED Lights, Lamps and Bulbs here.


Light-Emitting Diode has been used since the 1960s for various electronic and other applications. It has been gaining popularity for illumination needs due to numerous benefits  LED lighting offers with minimal maintenance requirements. LEDs are cost-effective, long-lasting, provide light 4x brighter than CFL, emit lower temperature, has no harmful mercury, infrared or UV emissions and are generally considered environmentally friendly.

Considering all these advantages, one would think that all these would require massive disadvantages. But the question still remains: If LED bulbs are intrinsically more efficient and effective, why isn’t it the lighting norm?

Basically, switching to LEDs only has a minor setback: a high initial capital requirement, but that’s not even a major deal breaker. A high initial capital may seem daunting, but analyzing finances in the long-term reveals that switching to LEDs is a sound investment.
But if you’re still mulling over the decision to “go green” with LED, here’s a quick comparison why our "GES" brand 4th generation lamps are better than CFLs (compact fluorescent light). A quick data crunch shows that investments can return in approximately a year. What you incur in losses during the initial period will quickly be recovered from various expenses such as material and labor costs. 

As you can see from the charts above, After the ROI has been achieved, you will enjoy ALL THE SAVINGS up to the 5th year and beyond!

By simply comparing the lifetime, energy consumption, wattage, and warranty span of the different types of bulbs, we can see that LED bulbs are vastly superior to their counterparts. The only point of contention is the acquisition costs the different bulbs. With a difference of P285 for bulbs and P1425 for tube lights; it might seem daunting to invest in these bulbs, but in the long term these LED lights pay for themselves.

How? First, you saved a huge chunk of money on operational costs (LEDs consume a noteworthy lesser amount of electricity). 

Second, you only replace LEDs after 5 or more years while with regular bulbs, warranties only last for a negligible amount of time. By only replacing your bulbs after a long period of time, you also save money on labor costs (The costs you incur to pay your employees to replace your bulbs. There is also the risk of workplace accidents, especially with precariously positioned lighting fixtures). 

Aside from the large savings you acquire, you also reduce any hassles of blackouts due to burnedout bulbs since LEDs have a high standard of reliability.

GES LED is available in Ace Hardware, MC Home Depot, Handyman, Wilcon Depot, True Value, Landmark, and other major malls in Manila and all over the Philippines.

See the tables below too, for more detailed comparison.