Reasons why GES LED Lighting is a good investment today!

If you’re trying to cut cost with business expense, or figuring out how to lower your electric bill at home, switching to GES brand 4th generation LED lights, lamps and bulbs is your solution. Not only can these eco-friendly LED lights help cut down your electricity consumption to up to 70%, they also have a longer lifetime, emit less heat and produce quality high lighting more robust than other forms of lighting.

GES LED light is available in the Philippines - in major hardware stores in Manila, and all over the country - SM Ace Hardware, Robinsons Handyman, MC Home Depot,Wilcon Depot, True Value, Landmark, among others.

Read detailed explanation of the benefits of our GES brand 4th Generation LED Lights, Lamps and Bulbs here.

Eco-Friendly: Consumes up to 95% Less Energy

LEDs not only help your finances and keep your business or home safe, these lights can also save the environment. 

Everyone is responsible for taking care of the environment by reducing our carbon footprints, be it at home or in our businesses. One small step into an eco-friendly residence or office is to improve the efficiency of our homes and businesses through LED lighting.

LED lighting is built with limited environmental impact materials and recyclable ones. The mercury-free feature of LEDs helps the environment since mercury cannot be disposed in domestic waste and cannot be recycled. If mercury gets into the ecosystem, it can evolve into a more harmful variation that could lead to serious contamination of our water supply and food sources.

LEDs also emit relatively little heat versus other technology, which equates to considerably reduced carbon emissions, less waste because fewer lamps need to be disposed of and no real fire hazard associated with other types of lights. Regular light bulbs put carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide and nuclear waste into the landfills and atmosphere. By changing light bulbs to LED lighting, one single bulb keeps one half ton of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere through its life cycle. It will also keep the sulfur oxide and nuclear waste to a minimum in the landfills and environment.

The environment can benefit LED lighting so much so that if every household and business in the country switched to LED, majority of our power plants could retire.