Reasons why GES LED Lighting is a good investment today!

If you’re trying to cut cost with business expense, or figuring out how to lower your electric bill at home, switching to GES brand 4th generation LED lights, lamps and bulbs is your solution. Not only can these eco-friendly LED lights help cut down your electricity consumption to up to 70%, they also have a longer lifetime, emit less heat and produce quality high lighting more robust than other forms of lighting.

GES LED light is available in the Philippines - in major hardware stores in Manila, and all over the country - SM Ace Hardware, Robinsons Handyman, MC Home Depot,Wilcon Depot, True Value, Landmark, among others.

Read detailed explanation of the benefits of our GES brand 4th Generation LED Lights, Lamps and Bulbs here.

Lower Temperatures: Avoids Heat Build-up

Traditional lights waste 80% of their energy as heat, instead of light. Since LEDs perform with more than 90% of its energy used for emitting light, they remain cool and keep the surroundings cool as well. In fact, LED performance naturally increases as operating temperatures drop.

The best thing about the design of LEDs is that they use up energy more effectively than other light technologies, such as fluorescent or incandescent lights. Not only does this prevent wasting energy, the lack of heat from LEDs also reduces the required size, cost and amount of air-conditioning equipment in a room, office or other space. By using these cool LEDs and preventing heat build-up, it translates to more money saved from electricity bills and reduces space needed for air cooling equipment.

In addition, the limited heat production of LEDs also guarantees reduced risks of fire, or - reduced danger of burns from touching lamps.

The 4th generation LED lights are more effective in cold temperatures. Most CFLs either cannot turn on or emit low levels of light in very cold conditions, which make LEDs a smart choice for businesses that require lighting outdoors with cold climates, or inside appliances like freezers.