Reasons why GES LED Lighting is a good investment today!

If you’re trying to cut cost with business expense, or figuring out how to lower your electric bill at home, switching to GES brand 4th generation LED lights, lamps and bulbs is your solution. Not only can these eco-friendly LED lights help cut down your electricity consumption to up to 70%, they also have a longer lifetime, emit less heat and produce quality high lighting more robust than other forms of lighting.

GES LED light is available in the Philippines - in major hardware stores in Manila, and all over the country - SM Ace Hardware, Robinsons Handyman, MC Home Depot,Wilcon Depot, True Value, Landmark, among others.

Read detailed explanation of the benefits of our GES brand 4th Generation LED Lights, Lamps and Bulbs here.

High light efficiency: 4x Brighter than CFL

The 4th generation LED lights start up quickly, significantly brighter and perform more efficiently in areas where fluorescent lights and other lighting sources fail.

Unlike CFLs and HID lights that were designed to take seconds or minutes to warm up before reaching full light output, LEDs turn on at full brightness almost instantly and can be turned off then turned back on without delay. As such, LEDs are often used in vehicle brake lights and high-security areas. In addition, since bright light produces better visibility in streets and parking lots, this leads to an increased sense of safety whether LEDs are placed within a residential community, office building or public areas like parks.

LED lights illuminate 170 to 200 milliseconds faster than incandescent lamps. In residential homes and office buildings, this “instant-on” feature reduces power consumption of up to 70 percent. The new generation of LEDs is available in "daylight white" to depict the natural light.  It is also available in “cool white light” ideal for work or other tasks and “warm white light” used as accents or lighting for small areas.

Our LED lights produce a very high level of lighting. The new generation of high performance LED bulbs comes as either single or clusters of LEDs within the bulbs. They could generate up to 100 Lumen with just 1 Watt. In addition, LEDs can be more flexibly directed and controlled, instead of wasting light energy in all directions like how traditional light sources perform.

Aside from its bright light, LED lights are also made from 3 to 8 mm long that makes them small enough to be used in areas that other types of lights cannot fit in. Our 4th generation LEDs are also available at high color temperatures and high color renderings, which allows for the creation of warm white, pure or full colors with no glare even at low power. In showrooms, this helps in illuminating products properly, this in turn, provides a more pleasing visual and added sales.